„We are planning a newsletter about libraries.” That was the answer when a friend ask me, what plans I have right now. Her reaction was reserved – to put it mildly. She couldn´t share my enthusiasm for these magical places and was too kind to tell me that, so she answered „Oh interesting.”

That’s what we wanna do. For libraries. Because these places are even more than buildings with books inside. They are event locations, common and experimental places, schools and galleries. They offer comfortable rooms for reading and relaxing, working spaces, child areas and music studios – and of course lots of books.

And we wanna invite you to immerse yourself into the numerous facets of libraries.

Who we are?

Portrait of Anna and Niklas.

„Moin.” That’s how Niklas welcomes everyone – it doesn’t matter if the other one speaks German or not. Niklas Jordan was raised in a small town in northern Germany. He moved to Schwerin and worked there for a couple of years in the tech sector, where I finally met him.

Me: Anna Baldig. I worked in Schwerin as an editor and journalist, but during this time I didn’t text anything about libraries. The first time I came in touch with this topic professionally was in a project with riffreporters: “How to make journalism accessible for people with disabilities?”. The Berlin library were my partner for the project and the place to be. I realised my work there. But the real love for libraries grew later – Niklas and I were in a relationship already. No, we didn’t meet in a library.

It was on holiday in Denmark, more exact Aarhus. Every day we went to the awesome public library to sit there, read and enjoy. We just soaked up the atmosphere there. Two years later, again on holidays, we sat in the small library in Östersund in Sweden. A completely different atmosphere than in Aarhus: more small-town, classic, cosy - but also very special.

The idea was born: write about our love to public libraries. But it’s not just about public libraries itself. We are also always exploring the intersections with other fields, such as architecture, technology, culinary, culture, values, inclusion and art. You can be curious.

In a nutshell

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